This coming New Year is opening an entirely new approach to how things are done at the webstudio. For those interested in learning more, I encourage you to explore the website. For those that landed here for the quick answer to the most popular question...

Average costs, for a simple 4-5 page (“from scratch”) website, are in the neighborhood of $350-450 USD. The price includes assistance in content gathering, graphic design, best practices html site building, copy/content writing (or editing). If you supply a majority of the site content (words/images) it can dramatically reduce the costs involved. Otherwise, we will work with you in compiling the content, or simply create it for you. All new websites are built in a responsive format (they are mobile-friendly) – regardless of whether the website includes a single page, or the website includes dozens of pages. An initial Organic SEO is implemented with each website build, along with an assurance of full-first-indexing by the Google© search engine. It all blends into a solid and practical offer with many nice features. Learn more about web design pricing.

Longer term, and more in-depth SEO, website development, and web/traditional marketing services are also available.

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“A website needs to exist before

anything can be accomplished with it.”

Whether you are looking for a quick landing page for a new promotion or marketing campaign, ready for a rebuild of your old website, simply contemplating a website, or just  curious with some questions... always feel welcomed to email or call. I build all sites from-the-ground-up. Nothing is cookie-cutter. No templates are used. My practice is to offer suggestions of what can be done and accomplished with your website before we start. If you are happy with a "once-and-done approach" to your website – that is fine. If you want to be more aggressive in the marketplace and develop your website to higher levels – we talk... and come up with a plan. Just starting out? Or, looking for a better way? Take a look at the 2018 Holiday Special!

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Going Mobile?


Mobile web browsing became more popular than desktop browsing for the first time in 2016. Chances are that over 80% of all web browsing will be done on smartphones this coming year.

If you have been relying on your old and faithful website to keep your visitors attention (and to keep your ranking in the search engines), it may be time to think again.

To complicate matters a little more, Google's© mobile-indexing is already being implemented as you read this.

Mobile-indexing may, or may not, be a problem for your particular website. However, if you currently maintain a separate mobile-version of your website (distinct from your desktop version) it can become a serious issue with Google and your overall search engine ranking.

At the webstudio, the new bottom line is that all new websites will include "responsive layouts" – inherently mobile and desktop friendly. The decision increased the basic cost a few dollars, but it is well worth it for a variety of reasons (from both the webstudio and website-owner perspectives).

For existing webstudio clients with legacy websites, “upgrading to responsive” generally requires a total rebuild of the website. Please give a call or send an email if interested in more information about mobile-conversions. The webstudio is offering a very affordable option – Static2Responsive Conversion – which should make the transition less painful, Converting Your Website to Mobile-Friendly.

If you have an existing website, are not currently mobile-friendly, and are not a current client of the web studio, please inquire. We will review your existing website and prepare an estimate of the responsive-rebuild with no obligation.

Postponing a well designed, legible, user-friendly and relevant mobile-friendly website is no longer a viable option for the majority of website owners.

Recent (in-house) Mobile-Friendly Conversions


As mentioned above, having a mobile-friendly website is pretty much the new norm. Some webstudio client websites date back nearly fifteen years, and these legacy websites – though still fulfilling their intended purpose and functioning – were not easy to navigate on a smartphone. We will be listing websites we have recently converted to "responsive design" as they occur. The idea is that you can see how these sites view (render) on desktop, tablet and smartphone without zooming and pinching!

PBK Primary Care

Danbury/Bridgeport CT

Medcial Office

Arrow Park

Monroe NY

Wedding-Events Venue

Animal Welfare Society

New Milford CT

Animal Shelter, Not-For-Profit

All Aboard Pizza

New Milford CT

Pizzaria -Restaurant

Mobile Conversion Services

If you currently have an older (non-mobile-friendly) website, we encourage you to contact the web studio regarding conversion costs. If you absolutely love your existing website layout, we can utilize pixel-precision-replication (your new mobile-site will look just like your currently existing one). Or, we can simply redesign your website layout utilizing your existing content – saving a bucket load on money. Chances are we can do either for a fraction of the price you may pay elsewhere.

If your website is not responsive, it is, technically and practically, a problem. Visitor retention, search placement and user interest rates (including time on site) will eventually go down if your website does not (or can not) adapt to different devices. People are no longer browsing the web only through desktop computers. They are using their tablets and mobile devices more and more.

The simple facts:

Nearly 7 in 10 new website visitors will stop engaging with content that doesn’t display well on their device on their first visit. They will move on to the next logical site that does render well.

What that means:

All the traffic in the world doesn’t matter if a website isn’t ready to give that traffic what it’s looking for, on the specific device they are using;

A website that requires pinching and zooming is no longer just a small inconvenience to many users (especially new visitors), it is pretty much an automatic “no.”