And, then came autumn...


There are reasons, scientific and meteorologic reasons, why it rains more in the autumn than in other seasons. And, there are reasons why this autumn rain is important. This year, however, the rain will probably complicate things more so than usual – simple things like social distancing and limiting our options for outdoor gatherings. We will be confined to more-limited spaces than we are in the summer. We will need to learn how to deal with it. We will pray and hope that it rains while we are sleeping. I do the latter year-long.

With the autumn also comes shorter days. As I type this, the hours of daylight are already shrinking and the evenings no longer warrant having the air conditioning. In a few weeks we will have the Equinox, 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness. From that point on, there is not enough sunshine in our lives until Spring. Sigh!

Autumn is a season for gearing down. With Labor Day already past, barbecues become a little more unlikely, going to the beach becomes... something to think twice about. Both are still enjoyable in the early season, but necessity demands we plan more accordingly.


Autumn is also a good time to "get your website act together." I am guessing you might be thinking,  "What about the Holiday Season?" Truth of the matter? That should already be off the drawing board, spreadsheet or whatever you use. If you are talking Holiday Season, Labor Day was the time to have those things in order. Chances are most have not even begun thinking about it. And, this year, I am going to be merciless! Please, do not call the week before Thanksgiving and say, "We've been thinking about getting ready for Christmas and New Year's, and..."

The truth about maintaining your website... properly.

I maintain a variety of websites. Some social-oriented. Some service-oriented. Some commerce-oriented. In many cases, I personally handle updates, content and revisions for clients. In some instances, I work with others on their projects. This has been what I have been doing for over twenty years. And, I can say without any hesitation, the most successful websites are those that are updated on a regular and timely manner. It is a simple fact of web-life that to be interesting and relevant, you need to grow, change and adjust.

On the other hand, having a static (undeveloped/under-utilized/non-updated) website is fine. I can not believe I typed that last sentence, but I truly have no problem with it. Your stagnant website can serve a specific purpose. But, a static website will not attract a growing audience (or search engine ranking) especially when it is simply a reference point; e.g. hours, services, goods and contact information. The web tends to call for more than traditional hard-copy advertising. The web invites challenge, exploration and exploitation (in the good sense of the word). If you do not take advantage of that, you do not glean the rewards of it.

As we approach Autumn, take the time to contact me about whatever plans you have for the coming months. There is still time to "plan for the holidays" – but time is running short. With more time indoors, less travel and shorter hours of sunlight, it is an opportune situation to hit the grinding wheel and get these matters in order. If you wait too long, you will already be living in the Hectic Season. I can attest to the fact that you will feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction for planning ahead. By doing so, you also leave some room for tweaking things – with enough leeway to do so comfortably.

If you have questions about what can be done with your website in the coming months, please do not hesitate in contacting me. "The sooner the better."

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