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Old School - Building Web Content





I invite you to do the research and math. I generalize, but the numbers look something like this.


An average DIY website is going to cost you anywhere from

$18 to $25 per month*

which is about

$216-$300 per year.



Wix, SquareSpace, Weebly, GoDaddy, and Wordpress.


The problem?

Has nothing to do with the cost.


The problem is what your $160-300 has paid for:


1) a template

– which you must customize and which is not unique;


2) a blank website
which you must build/create content for;


3) a site-builder system

– which you must take the time to learn and use;


4) an assortment of SEO/Social Media widgets

– which are totally ineffective if you have no idea what you are doing with them;


5) a support-system that is lukewarm at best

– and which you will eventually end up paying for once/if you get serious about things);


6) a website that probably will not make it close to Page One (ever!)

– Ask yourself “When was the last time you saw a “free website” ranked on Page One Google, Bing or Yahoo?)


* Not included in the list is “your time.” Albeit, there are those individuals which have the time to take on new projects and to learn new things. But, honestly, I haven't met but one of those people (in the twenty years that I've been doing this type of work) that has moved forward with any level of success on their own. And, that particular person's “success” is pretty much based on “personal satisfaction” – with little or nothing to do with acquiring new visitors, search engine rank, or real monetary gain for her efforts.


I do not argue prices with clients. It's not worth the time. I do offer a variety of “budgeting options” which will/can make the initial “out-of-pocket” less painful. But, the simple reality is that most people that “shop for a web designer” based on “lowest fees/costs” – end up pretty much with what they paid for (and regret it). I would like to say that you can call any New Milford Web Design website client and ask them directly what they think about my work – but I'm excusing myself from doing that. It is a tedious inconvenience for them from my point of view.


FACT: The average American spends $1,092 per year on coffee. Younger workers average $24.74 per week. Workers over 35 years of age average about $14.15 per week.


RESOLUTION: Before you start questioning the prices a web designer (whether myself or someone else) is offering – be sure to inquire about what is included in those prices. Remember, depending on what you want/need to accomplish, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to build your website. Have a “website budget” in mind, or ask your designer to help you develop one. It simply makes the sailing smoother.


PS: If you are willing to spend more on coffee than on your website, that decision pretty much speaks for itself. That is not a criticism. It is simply an observation.


Old School - Building Web Content


Old School - Building Web Content


Old School - Building Web Content


Old School - Building Web Content


Old School - Building Web Content