Articles And Resources


Hiring A Web Designer

Your decision can be complicated and there are preconceptions that people have about hiring a web designer.


Homemade Pierogies and Custom Websites

Somethings just take more time and work to accomplish. But, the results are always worth it.


Acquiring and Using Free-Stock Photographs on Your Website

Sometimes you do not have the photographs that you want for your website, or the quality of what you have is lacking...


Making the Best with What We Have

Everyone wants the perfect website. Putting a perspective on what can be done and what it takes to accomplish it.


Saving Money with DIY-Websites?

Many businesses and organizations will try DIY-websites to save money. But, is doing so really a budget saver?


Website Maintenance & SEO

The importance of Website Maintenance, Organic SEO, Content Building and how it all relates to traditional and social media advertising.


Transitioning From Traditional html to Mobile-Friendly

Having a mobile-friendly website is the norm, yet there are still many older websites which have not transitioned. A special offer.


New Year's Resolution 2020

Why I rebuilt my own website.