Choosing someone to design and implement your website is a fairly important decision. You can go with a freelancer or a larger agency. You can shop for price. You can shop for a particular look. Your decision can be based on assurances. It can simply be made on a feeling of the moment. It can be made on past experiences. Your decision can be complicated by uncertainties.

To be honest, I enjoy getting new clients. And, to be honest, I have become a little selective of the clients I accept. It is not a terrific business model. But, this is not retail.

There are many people that are skeptical of what any web designer can, or will, do for them. There are preconceptions that people have about hiring a web designer that have to be dealt with. There are matters of expectation, color, layout, price and efficiency. There is a prevalence of what I call "web-lore" that influences how people think it all works. Hiring a web designer can be complicated.

Why would you hire me?

The real bottom line is that I would not accept your project if I did not think I could bring something of value to it. I like the idea of getting paid for my work. But, money is not the deciding factor. I do not start a project until I have enough information to do so properly. If you are new to the web, or if you have had some "not so great experiences on the web" in the past, we will talk about it. I will listen to what your expectations are. And, I will let you know what to realistically expect. I'm not saying I am right all the time, or that you will appreciate my advice, or that I am the person that should be doing your project in the first place – but I seldom move forward "simply doing what a client asks for" if I am not assured that it is the right thing to do in my own head.

Each website offers a new and different challenge. Each website includes research and processing that are not visually seen on the web pages. For most clients, there are two main concerns. One of those is how the website will look and function. The second is how much it will cost. Those tend to be the starting point of most discussions. There is more to it.

I have had very few once-night-stands. The majority of my clients have been with me for years. And, when I say years I mean anywhere from three to twenty years. Is it smooth sailing all along? Absolutely not. But, a 90% retention rate on clients is something I take seriously, appreciate and am grateful for.

I have had a few clients that simply outgrew my abilities. I take that as a compliment. Those clients started with only an idea. They didn't really have a developed product or service in mind. They usually didn't have much of a budget. They did have a good idea about where they wanted to go with what they had. I feel privileged to have assisted in playing a part in getting them to where they are today.

I have "been fired" by a few of my clients. And, I have been re-hired by the very same few. It happens. "The grass is always greener" sort of thing. The promises and hype of a "professional agency" can often be far more appealing than “the old guy working in his living room”.

Everyone wants to hear that they can be the next overnight wonder, that they can have Page One in the search engines, and that their real success is just one PPC-campaign away. Reality hits hard sometimes. And, it usually hits an organization's budget the hardest. I always encourage growth. But, I will not push it to an unreasonable end.

My work is  justified by the results my clients achieve because of it. My goal is to grow your website to get you to where you want to be. We can do it quickly. We can take our time. And, sometimes just having a website is the goal. I can live with that.