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Chances are that if your website is between five-to-eight years old (or older) – it was written/build in traditional static html. There is also a chance that you really like your old website, or your old website "has been treating your pretty good over the years." The thought of redoing "the whole damned thing” just doesn't seem too appealing. The "problem" (for lack of a better word) is that because your website is not responsive (not mobile-friendly) you are losing out on new site visitors and possibly frustrating your existing ones. There is also a very good chance that you will be losing out on ranking in the search engines (if you are not already) because of the basic structure that made your website work in the first place. A basic theme of life on the web: Things change.



a simple “best offer”


If you have to pinch, expand, turn and drag the pages of your current website on a smartphone... this offer may be of interest.


Normally, the webstudio charges about $90 per page for a new web page build. That price includes all sorts of design work, graphics, photographs, SEO work, analytics, research and responsive scripting. It tends to be a grueling task organizing content materials, establishing navigation, "figuring out how everything will fit together." But, if all of the "tough stuff" is out of the picture, and you simply need a responsive version of your existing static website... your cost comes down tremendously.


This offer is good for simple informational websites, averaging between 5-20 pages, written in standard html. It is good if your existing website was created using a DIY (such as WIX, Weebly, etc.) and you were never really happy about the results. You will have nothing to lose in giving it a try. Quite literally, you will have absolutely nothing to lose, because the webstudio is offering a "first-page" conversion absolutely free-of-charge and obligation, so that you can "see and test" the kind of results you will get before the work begins on your website.

Webstudio Static-to-Responsive Offer


This deal is pretty much an "off-the-cuff" experiment on my part. I can not guarantee universal satisfaction with the results... at least until I handle a few of these. The idea behind the offer is that because all the grunt work is done, all that is needed is a rescripting of your existing website content. I believe I can do this for about $20-25 per page. Of course, it depends on the complexity of your website content, but if you have a relatively simple, non-ecommerce site – things should go relatively well. It may even work if you are selling a few items via PayPal using their Buy Now Buttons or Shopping Cart.


The bottom line is that if you wanted an 8-page responsive website built from scratch (with all the webstudio includes) – it would cost around $700. If you simply need to convert your existing static website to a responsive website, it would cost about $160-200 with this offer. That is about a 70% savings.


If this sounds of interest, I encourage you to contact the webstudio. Simply fill out the form below. I will review your website, and the page you select for the free first-page transition/rendering (normally the home page of your website). I promise not to upsell. But, you must promise not to get upset if I don't think your project is one that I want to commit to. I tend to only accept work that I truly believe I am adding some value to. I will complete a first-page transition, and send along an estimate for the cost of the rest of your website along with that sample. You can review both. Then, you decide if you want to move forward or not. You have no out-of-pocket expenses unless you decide to have the rest of the website transitioned.


To begin the process, simply fill in the form below. You will receive an email within 48-hours confirming whether we will be accepting the project or not. In some instances, the challenge of converting certain types of websites to responsive is too overwhelming to be accomplished at the price listed on this page. In general, this offer excludes larger ecommerce or data-driven websites.

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