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How much does building a website really cost?*


The initial price is $90 per page. If you want a one-page website, it costs $90 to build. If you want a two-page website, it costs $180 to build. It's pretty easy to do the math. There are no hidden fees.

Average costs, for a simple 4-5 page website, are in the neighborhood of $350-450 USD. Additional pages can be added at any time – before the process begins, after the initial website layout is accepted, even months later as new content becomes important or necessary. Because of the thorough nature of the original build, additional pages normally do not cost as much as the original ones – the "hard work" has already been accomplished.


*IMPORTANT: The “base price” tends to be misleading to some, and discouraging to others. Please make a note, if your new website is built using a majority of content from an existing (older) website, your costs are considerably lower. Likewise, if you do not have an existing website, but you can gather the majority the materials that you want to be included in the website (content/words, photos, etc.) ahead of time, this will also help in softening the cost. Traditionally, for most new websites, the majority of the real work involves creating the content of the pages. This takes times – meetings/communications with you, compiling/writing content, photography, research and similar activities. In many cases, the work involved in “preparing” to create a website exceeds actually scripting it and getting it on the web. If you have any questions regarding the actual costs of building your particular website, or questions about the process involved, please contact the webstudio.


Initial Organic SEO


Truth be known, building a website is relatively easy. The real work is in compiling the content of a website (your website's images and words/information) – and, knowing what to do with content once it is gathered. That said, most people are interested in more than having a website simply "built." They want their website to be found in the search engines – and not on Page 20 of Google©. They want their website to show up in the search engines when people type in their queries/searches, and they want to be on Page One Google© – as close to the top of the page as they can get.

Our initial Organic SEO includes taking certain steps necessary to get a website started on the right foot: competitive research, meta-tags, keyword relevance practices and installing your sitemap. We do not consider a website as "live" until we can guarantee that all pages of a website have been indexed by Google©. We do a Quick Website Audit to make sure we are making educated decisions when implementing your website's SEO. The cost of the initial Website Audit is included in the “build price.”

In today's world, the notion of not including these features in a new website simply does not make sense. However, an initial Organic SEO does not (can not) guarantee the ranking of a website, but it does (at the very least) put that website in a very favorable place with the search engines. If you are shopping for a web designer, be sure to ask them if they include an Audit and Organic SEO in their initial price. Some do. Some do not. And, some charge extra for those sort of things. The webstudio simply includes it in the price.

If you have questions regarding webstudio costs and/or practices, please contact the webstudio directly.



What is included in the price?


Your website can include text and graphics (like the page you are reading right now). It can also include slideshows, photo galleries, linked (or self-hosted) video, online email/query forms, PayPal© Buy Buttons (and small PayPal© shopping carts) and other features. The price includes just about anything that you might find on any typical page on the web. We also install Google Analytics so you can keep track of what's going on well into the future!

View some of our active website projects and get a feel for what our websites look like and how they navigate. Most are fairly straight-forward and non-technical. All websites are "built from scratch." The webstudio does not use templates. Each site is unique. However, if you do see a website template, or someone else's website layout, that you like – we welcome the challenge of replicating that (look and feel) for you on your website.



What is not included in the price?


The price does not include data-driven or server-side includes, data-bases, file storage, or interactive third-party/remote-software processing. The majority of the websites we build are technically static. Probably ninety-percent of all small business and organization informational sites on the web are staticyou are in good company.

The basic price also does not include hosting, domain registration, Advanced SEO, social media or online marketing. We do offer those services, but they are not included in the base price. However, we do offer first-year shared hosting at no cost, and three months of free revisions and updates once your website is live.



Will I be able to make changes to pages on my own?


Generally speaking, “No.” However, changing some wording, or updating a paragraph, or swapping out a photo (or two) may be possible with a simple web-browser interface we can provide. It is suitable for some situations, but not really a great option for major updates.

We strongly recommend that you contact the web studio (or any qualified web professional) when making significant updates or changes on your website. If your changes/updates are minor (i.e. less than fifteen minutes per occurrence, up to twelve occurrences per year) the updates are free for the first three months. More comprehensive revision, or update, work is charged at $35 per hour or part thereof. Having the web studio handle your updates is very affordable – that cost comes with the assurance of knowing it is done properly.



Growing your website?


In some instances, simply having a few pages on the web is all you really need. The website becomes your online brochure. If that's all you need, life is good. You pay a domain-registrar and hosting company a yearly fee, and your website lives on. If you need some dramatic changes or want to add a page or two or three, simply call the web studio and we can take care of it for you (for a fee, of course!).

Keep in mind, you can inherently increase your website's visitor rate by including your URL on any promotional materials you normally use – business cards, flyers, signage, stationery, social media and in our business emails. Be sure to do those things!

You may want your website to become a more dynamic marketing or advertising tool for your business or organization. Or, you may have serious aspirations regarding search engine ranking. These goals and aspirations change the game in a significant way. Competitive websites are seldom once-and-done projects. Our initial Organic SEO will only take your website so far. It's a great starting place, but it is not something that will keep you headed for the finish line. The webstudio can get you in the game. But, if you are interested in taking it to the next level, we recommend maintenance and development options.

The webstudio does not have a one-price-for-all schedule for long term website development. Each website is truly unique. Each site may require a totally different approach to accomplishing certain goals and tasks. Each client requires different services from the webstudio. For example, we handle a local animal shelter which updates available pets for adoption on a weekly basis. And, we handle a resort that is interested in expanding it's mid-week clientele in the competitive New York marketplace. Two entirely different situations. Two entirely different sets of priorities. One size does not fit all!

To learn more, read Website Development Services.


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