Holiday Special


No-Cost-Build Option


For about the price of a daily cup of coffee, you can gain bragging rights of having your own web designer handle the growth and development of your website. Sounds a little crazy? It is. But, we've been offering it for years.

Traditionally, the webstudio offers tiered website maintenance and development services starting at $50 per month. It rolls down to about $1.65 per day (a little less than the cost of a cup of coffee). It is a solid deal, and a bargain.


The catch, the small print, the deal-breaker is that a website needs to exist before it can be managed and developed! An obvious additional cost. Nearly everyone can afford the development costs, but the initial build (or restructuring) costs scare people.

To make matters tougher on potential new clients – about three years ago – the webstudio adopted a policy of only accepting maintenance and development assignments exclusively on websites built by the webstudio.

Our “new client list” took a nosedive, but the webstudio (and our client's websites) flourished. Sometimes you just need to decide which path simply makes the most sense for everyone involved.


I woke up a few days ago, and was thinking about how to get the webstudio into the spotlight a little more – for the Holidays. I thought “discounts, special rates, free hosting” and about a dozen other options. The options pretty much seemed like come-ons, boring and simply didn't interest me. I didn't expect them to interest potential clients either. Then I thought, “What about building a website for free?!”

The No-Cost-Build Option is not a giveaway. You need to pay the monthly maintenance and development fee, but you don't need to pay to have the website built. This does sound a little crazy! Because, it is!

You can have a new 3-page website built for $150, with payments spread over three months. Or, a 5-page website built for $250, with payments spread over 5-months. The genuine value of the option is that you will not only get a website for that price, you will have continued support, analysis, SEO, development and updating throughout the term period.

Once the term is finished, you can opt to continue with the monthly payments, or you can move your website to your own hosting company and manage it from there.

This offer ends January 31, 2019. Your project must be accepted by the webstudio before that date, along with a two-month deposit of $100 in advance. This offer will close once four websites have been accept.


Please contact the webstudio with any questions you may have.


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