I strongly recommend Maintained Website options for everyone – whether you are a client or not, whether you are doing the work, I am doing the work or someone else is doing the work.

While I only offer Managed Website Services for websites that I have built myself, I do offer a Website Consultation and  SEO Analysis Service to just about anyone. Before beginning a the project, I do a very quick review (Preliminary Consultation) of your existing website – just to make sure it is something that falls into my comfort zone and the advise I offer will be of value to your particular website and your objectives. The initial consultation is free. The cost of the Analysis usually depends on the number of pages in your website. I prefer working on websites that are 15-pages or less. The cost is the analysis is $10 per page. But, keep in mind – if you are not an existing client – I am simply offering information, guidelines and suggestions – you (or your web designer) will need to do the actual work on the website pages. You will receive a full report with all relevant information, recommendations and remedies.



The web is very competitive. The only way to get to the front of the line is to move in that direction. Offering Managed Websites is my solution to what is involved in growing a website and making it relevant and significant. I know of no other way to consistently improve a website, gain a larger audience and increase rank in the search engines. Properly managing a website is a process. It involves research, analysis and implementation. The work is encompassing.

You can, of course, simply have a website built and live with it. It's not a very proactive approach, but it is popular and commonplace.

Fees for Managed Websites are established on a website-by-website basis.

Hint: In some cases, it is advisable to take advantage of this option even before the first page of your website is built. By doing so, the entire website build, plus any work that may be required afterwards (which normally would not be including in a build price) is included for a minimum of 4 months!

Managed Website fees start at $100 per month for 4-months when starting from scratch. After the initial agreement expires, a review of what was accomplished will be available for your review. Your decision to continue or extend extend the agreement can be made on a yearly basis thereafter. You may choose to cancel your subscription to the service at anytime. While fees are generally decided by the size and scope of an individual website, keep in mind – the size and scope of your website will naturally expand as a result of the work being done. In some instances the actual cost of the monthly/yearly stipend may even go down. Again, each website is unique and the goals for each vary.

Hint: That a subsequent year's fees may be more than the prior one should not be a problem. If your website is growing and becoming more profitable the additional expense should easily be absorbed.

Managed Websites also offer a very easy way for you to establish a budget for your website. The alternative is to have work done on an hourly or project basis. Hourly fees often scare people away from having work done on their websites. Managed Fees are predictable.