One of the most comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to creating a viable presence on the web.




ONE YEAR COMMITMENT (OYC) is a build, maintenance and development service option from New Milford Web Design. It involves an ongoing commitment to the growth and sustainability of your website. Rather than charge one price to build a website and additional fees to maintain or update it, OYC affords a flat monthly fee and includes just about everything that you (the site-owner) will need for a productive and rewarding web experience. Essentially, it is like having your own “in-house web department.”





Simplicity is wonderful. Being able to budget a project is a great thing. Those are the two features of OYC that I believe make it the most practical solution for anyone interested in growing their website.


To get started, you simply need to call or email the web studio and let me know you are interested in more information. We will discuss your goals, plans and aspirations and decide if this web studio and this option are right for you. We will discuss the goals and aspirations of your website. We will discuss how objectives will be accomplished. After that, we will need to gather some information relating to your website content and make sure the essentials are covered (domain name registration, hosting, etc.) Then... the rubber hits the road.





Costs will vary depending on how aggressive you want to be with your website, or by the initial size of your website.


The minimum starting price for OYC is $65 per month.


8-Page OYC... $75/month

12-Page OYC... $125/month


The monthly fee covers just about everything involved in the process including a variety of “perky extras” that studios and agencies often charge additional fees for. It includes all web design work, graphic design, html layouts, website copy/text writing and editing, Google Analytics, quarterly activity reports, and – most importantly – keeping the ball moving forward. Traditionally, the three primary concerns of website development are attracting new and frequent visitors, gaining rank in the search engines, and improving conversion rates. Your particular goals may vary, but are normally easy to accommodate.



“Is OYC Right For You?”


That is a question only you can answer. I welcome the opportunity to answer any specific questions you may have in making that decision. Some OYC clients pay well over $250 per month. However, these websites involve a tremendous amount of time both in ongoing research and implementation. For larger websites and accounts, or for clients with an extremely aggressive approach to growth, hours of work can easily turn into days of work – which explains their higher monthly fees. When we are starting out, the work is pretty academic – basic content writing, graphics, layouts, and analytic reviews. The fees for a simple and organic development of a new site are far less than than those for larger and more complex ones. I strongly recommend, especially if you are just starting out, that you begin your OYC website on a very simple and inexpensive level. The $65/month OYC Plan works terrific for the vast majority of people.


As a site's analytic record begins to grow, things will get more complicated, a little more demanding, and definitely more interesting and useful. Every two months we will take a look at where we are and what needs to be done to accomplish specified goals in the upcoming months. Quarterly reports generally include a detailed description of work that has been done, and how that particular work has (or has not) had an effect on specific goals and aspirations. Please keep in mind that this is not PPC marketing. Updates, additions and revisions we make can take days (even weeks) before we have any “viewable results” from those changes. For strict analytics, we are dependent of the indexing by the search engines (primarily Google and Bing) to monitor and report results. Those results are not handled by humans. There is no way to “speed up the process.” Predicting how some changes will influence things are simply that... a prediction. However, the web studio does tend to favor extremely quick indexing rates with the search engines – which is, in and of itself, a testament to a long, organic relationship with the engines and an understanding of (and adherence to) the Best Practice Policies of both Google and Bing.


OYC offers what I believe to be the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution to creating a viable presence on the web. More “traditional” ways of developing a new (or rebuilt) website are more tedious and overly demanding for both the site-owner and the developer. OYC activity is genuinely “organic.” We are building reputation and authenticity from within, as opposed to purchased marketing or questionable tactics. In and of itself, this makes OYC  very cost-effective and it's results are longer lasting than other options. What that means to you is that your ranking in the search engines becomes consistent and manageable. [With PPC advertising you are paying to be on Page One Google/Bing, but once you stop paying, you vanish from Page One. With OYC, when we get to Page One we are "organically" there – some of the web studio's OYC sites have been on Page One for years!]


OYC is a yearly subscription. If you are “where you want to be” after the first year and don't see any reason to push the envelope any further... that is good. If you like and appreciate your site's growth rates, and would like to continue with the program, we can discuss what is involved. The ultimate objective (and the reason for coming up with the program) was simply to make sure that the websites I build do well on the web. Without a hands-on approach (such as this), I am otherwise limited to a very un-integrated approach to helping you with your website.