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January 2019. Back in November, I wrote the article about using Alexa to check your website ranking. On the one hand, it is a novelty article. On the other hand, one of the first things I do before talking with a client is "check their Alexa Ranking." Novelty often = useful!

I was thinking about other services, similar to Alexa Ranking, that I use on a fairly regular basis. Nothing too complicated. Conversation starters.

Two came to mind. Chances are I will write more about both later.

Both of these services are offered by Google. Love them. Hate them. Whatever. Google is the gorilla in the room, so it's good to know it's name and to be friends.

The first tool is Google's Mobile-Friendly Test. I know, I have been obsessing about mobile-friendly this past year, but – I'd like to believe – there is reason for the obsession. Though it might seem obvious to some, (i.e.  whether their website is "mobile-friendly" or not) there may still be a surprise or two. You can click/tap the link above to run your own webpages through the test.

The second tool that I wanted to mention is Google's PageSpeed Insights. This is designed to let you check any given webpage and see how well it’s optimized for speed. Page speed is important because a fast loading website improves the general user experience, decreases bounce rate and improves conversion rate. Also, back in 2010, Google officially announced page speed as a rank determining factor. Enough said.

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