Average Price: ± $250 USD



 Average Price: ± $350 USD



Average Price: ± $500 USD


To secure your project on the web studio schedule a $125 deposit is required.


You can use your PayPal Account to make this deposit, or use your credit card. You do not need to be a PayPal Member to make payments with your Credit Card. Checks, money orders and cash also accepted.





I decided to put website prices where they would be easy to find. Don't take that for anything other than what it is. I just believe that people should be able to find what they are looking for... easily. The prices listed above offer a genuine guideline for a basic informational website. Nothing overly spectacular as far as function, features and expanse – but the site will be practical, pleasing to look at, easy to navigate and user/search engine friendly.


There is a reason that you will not normally find prices listed on web designer sites. Part of that is because there are a lot (a real lot!) of things that can be misinterpreted and taken for granted by someone just shopping for a web designer by price. Not least among “those things” is that you may think that the price shown would include everything involved in building a more complex website. The prices listed above are for a “Basic-Starter Website.” Basic Starters offer a very sound foundation for those just getting into the game, and for anyone that may have thoughts of growing their website (and web presence) in the future.


Please consider, a "once-done-and-forgotten" website will not be (can not be) competitive against websites that are continually updating, growing and innovating. THAT is simply a fact of life. Ultimately, for you to gain more from your website, you will need to invest more into it. “Why is your competitor's website so popular in the search engines?” Chances are you already know the answer to that. If you are not sure – give a call some evening or set up a meeting... and we can talk about it.




“So, what is involved in building my Basic Website with New Milford Web Design?”


Basic Starter Websites require that you supply the information that will be the content of site; including words, graphics, and photographs. The more information that you can gather, write, or create the better. I can/will assist in the process. However, there is a huge difference between my taking your information and building a website versus my having to write all of that content myself. I can do it (compose all the content), but it will take more time, and it will probably add a little more to the basic cost.


I offer access to my Adobe Stock® library account for any web studio clients that may have a need for it. I can also create most graphics (logos, graphs, display type) in-house. For local clients, I am available to go on-site to take photographs at your location if necessary. If you are a little farther away, we can talk about what's involved.


A simple rule: The closer my involvement stays with the layout, design and function of your website, the closer your costs stay to the numbers above. Designing a website involves html code, visuals, scripting and an array of other technical/visual considerations. On the other hand, if I am researching your competitor's ranking, writing your business history, or figuring out the wording for product descriptions, etc. – that's something entirely different. Don't get me wrong, I do like doing those additional things and I'm pretty damned good at it – but it is not included in the prices above. Those things are something we would talk about.



“Did you make it this far down the page?”


If you made it this far down the page, my guess is that you have at least a slight interest in either calling or emailing the web studio. That is a good thing. I encourage it. But, for now, let's continue...


A few “quirky things” may add value to your decision in considering New Milford Web Design as your choice. There are no extra charges for these things, but I believe they make for interesting conversation and tend to set some people's mind's at ease.


Firstly, I build all websites from scratch. We may look at existing website layouts and pre-made templates for ideas, but that's as far as it goes. When I build a website it is not a “fill in the blanks” or “drag and drop“ sort of thing. When I start your website it is with a blank sheet of paper. Each site is genuinely unique.


Secondly, all sites that I build come with a Google Analytics Account installed. I know of few other tools that can monitor how well (or poorly) your website is doing on the web than Google Analytics. I also include a brief (hands-on) introduction on how to use Google analytics if you would like to learn.


Thirdly, although I ask for a deposit before beginning work on your website, if (for any reason) you are not satisfied with the layout, appearance or function of the website at any time before it is published on the web – you will receive a full refund of that deposit. In real simple terms, you have “not-a thing-to-lose” in giving it a try. However, you do relinquish all rights to that website layout and content once you ask for a refund.


Fourthly, you will not be invoiced for the completion of your Starter Website until all of it's pages have been indexed by Google. That may sound like a fantastic offer to some. It may not make any sense to others. But, I view it as a fair “starting point” for a “Starter Website.” I do not know if any other web studio offers that. They might. I just don't know if they do.


Lastly, all web studio websites include a minimal optimization before publishing. Again, this is one of those things that may excite some people and may confuse others. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a key to gaining rank in the search engines and widening the reach of any website. For Starter Sites, this is not in any way, shape or form a guarantee or even a hint that your new site will even come close to Page One Google. However, even in it's very basic form – this optimization is a giant step closer than you will get with most other studios and miles ahead of where you will land if doing it yourself.




Even when a website's content becomes static (doesn't change or is not updated) – there are fees associated with being on the web.  You can assume these fees on your own and pay those fees directly to any of numerous providers; such as GoDaddy, bluehost, or Network Solutions.


If you keep your domain and/or hosting billing with New Milford Web Design, you will be invoiced once a year for these services. If you opt for a longer-term approach to your website (an ongoing development plan), these fees are generally included in that price, or credited to your specific account.









“When do we start?”


Having any website built is a serious consideration. You have concerns. I have concerns. We talk, email, and possibly meet in person to discuss what you may have in mind. All the preliminaries give me the opportunity to see if your's is a project I feel comfortable in accepting. I will tell you whether or not it is, and I will tell you why. The flipside of that coin is true. You need to feel comfortable with me.


Once we have those formalities out of the way, I ask for a $125 Deposit to secure your project on my calendar. Larger, more involved, websites may take months of planning, work and trial runs before actually being published. But, Basic Starter Websites are pretty much the opposite of that. We agree on when the materials for the website will be available and I schedule the work on the project accordingly. Chances are your new website will be on the web in week or two after I receive the materials.


Deposits can be made via PayPal. This option is available to those who have PayPal Accounts, as well as to those who want to make their Deposit using a Credit Card. You do not need to be a PayPal Member to make your Website Deposit in this manner. Check, cash and money orders are also accepted.