If you ever visited this website before, you may be noticing that nothing is where it used to be, and some things are missing all together. That is one of the grand things about the web. Your pages can be here today and gone tomorrow. One of the very worst things a website-owner can do is to not let people know, ”What the hell is going on?” Hence, my preface.


If you made it this deep into the site, you are probably interested in something in particular, or you are simply the curious type. If you made it this far, I am happy that you did. I changed things around primarily because I was totally unimpressed with the last version of the New Milford Web Design & Consulting website. I was so unenthusiastic about it that it was easier to simply start from scratch.


I really don't recommend this sort of website strategy or tactic to anyone unless they have really thought about it. In my case, it kind of made sense. Once I realized I was so unassociated with my own website, it became obvious that it was kind of weird to think that others would or should be. Hopefully I judged that correctly. We will see.



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This section of the website is for all the odds and ends, articles, insights and inspirations that “needed to be located someplace and organized.” It will include some resources that I have found useful, helpful or just plain interesting. It will also include a variety of articles I wanted to resurrect from the past. It will include some “new stuff” as well. My intent is to add at least one resource page per month, so you can pretty much not worry about missing anything if a few weeks pass and you haven't stopped by. If there is a topic you might be interested in hearing my spin on, just end word and I'll see if I can fit it in.


With this version of the website I am building a website exactly the way I recommend most people should; start off small and manageable – grow from there. There really is no race to Page One Google or attracting new clients. At least it's that way on my side of the fence! Part of my advice is to create a website that you enjoy, and that your visitors enjoy and find helpful. Leave Google, Bing and Yahoo on the back burner in the beginning. You will be doing yourself a real favor, and you will enjoy the journey more.


Once the time does come that things start to make sense, there will never be enough hours in a day, or days in a week, to really appreciate what it took to get you to that point. I always have projects to work on, and “things I'd like to do” to improve the content and reach of anyone's (including my own) website. Do things when they make sense. Don't believe that someone is going to take you to where you want to be overnight, and things will work out fine. Build your website before you start worrying about how it is going to get to Page One!