Starting again or starting new?

The major difference between “starting out” or “starting again” is that the bulk of the real work (gathering and organizing your website content) has already been accomplished when it is a rebuild. This can be a time-saver for me. This can be a money-saver for you.

When it comes to “gathering content for a new website” there will probably be things that we “forget to include” or things that don't seem to fit in the way we might envision they should. It happens. Going back to realign things is not a big deal. It is simply part of the process.




The name pretty much describes what it is. It is down-n-dirty. But, it may also be just what you are looking for. With this kind of website we are simply concerned with getting you on the web. Search engines (SEO) and concerns about visitor traffic are not part of the conversation. It is perfect for a business that simply needs a web presence with contact info, description of services and/or products, service areas, directions or links to support materials. Bare Bone Websites are usually 4 pages or less and normally cost about ±$50 per page to build.*



Most website-owners would like to depend on search engine traffic to attract new clients or a larger audience to their business or organization. To successfully accomplish this, it is important to follow some basic best practices. These include tagging images, creating meta-descriptions, establishing canonical  instances where required and installing analytics. We develop a basic SEO strategy to your webpages and build on your local search engine business pages.  Starter Websites include everything that you will need to get started on the web properly but do not include a long-term commitment for growth or ongoing SEO. The extra cost is in the details. The idea is to prepare the pages for a more proper indexing by the search engines. The search engines themselves tell us what they are looking for. Most smaller websites (for some reason I will never understand) tend to ignore these things. Starter Websites are usually 4-8 pages and cost about ±$75 per page.



If you are interested in having a growing/ongoing website, but do not have the time (or expertise) to build or manage it on your own, this is your best option. If you have some specific long term goals in mind and you are ready to start accomplishing them, let's have a conversation. Managed Websites include an Organic SEO, keyword and meta tracking, content-building and analytic reporting. Social media, email marketing and other support activities may also be included. You are – essentially – hiring a web designer, web strategist, content writer and marketing consultant all at the same time. Managed Websites involve longer-term commitments.  These websites are ideal for anyone that needs regular updates or is interested in growing the content of the website on a regular and ongoing basis. Managed Websites require a minimum 6-month commitment at $150-200 per month and can range to $500 per month (depending on the depth of work). Base rices will vary depending on the complexity of the work involved. Prices are usually established for 6-month or 12-month terms.



Upon approval of initial homepage draft:

  • $50 Retainer will be required for Bare Bone Websites;
  • $75 Retainer will be required for Starter Websites.
  • Payment in full is required upon launch of website.
  • Usually it takes about 2-3 weeks before these websites are suitable for launch/hosting.



Managed Websites require a $150 Retainer on approval of homepage draft.

  • Monthly $150 payments for (no less than) 5 additional consecutive months will be required.
  • Usually it takes about 2-3 weeks before website is suitable for launch/hosting.
  • Price includes all build expenses including ongoing updates, SEO and related projects.
  • A review of website performance/analytics will be provided for review after 6 months, or any time as requested throughout the process.