quick website/seo audit


“Do you really need an audit of your website?” There are a variety of levels at which websites can be audited/reviewed. The webstudio offers a simple and practical approach with an affordable price tag. Yes, you can get a more thorough review (and there are plenty of businesses out there willing to do it for you) – but those will cost much more, and – to be perfectly honest – the results will most likely not offer a more insightful or useful report.

The idea behind a website audit (or SEO Review) is simple. There are quite a few factors which determine how well your website is doing on the web (in general), and how well your website is doing in relationship to your competitors and your ranking in the search engines (in particular). While you may find there is a lot of web-lore, advice and a thousand other options out there concerning these things, but after nearly two decades on the web... the webstudio has a good idea about what the essentials are, and what a website-owner can do (or needs to do) to improve the overall health and vitality of their site.

The sites that we audit are normally under thirty pages, generally have concerns with local/regional competition, and belong to small business owners and organizations. Our Quick Website Audit looks at the key factors we have found to be important in making a website findable, accessible and credible.

We review your local ranking in comparison with a few major (local) competitors, reference/research your (and your competitors) involvement in social media and general web exposure, as well review basic matters of longevity, content relevancy and site ranking for selected keywords and key-phrases to establish how your website is "fitting into the general scheme of things."

We look at the inner-workings of your website; the use of meta-tags, html structures, logical and user-friendly navigation, load times, mobile-friendliness and similar matters.

Once we have all the information gathered, we prepare a very easy to understand report for your review. It summarizes what we found, both the positive and negative, and offers suggestions for improvement or recommendations for best practices. If you manage your website, you can probably make all the necessary changes to your website on your own. If you have someone managing your website for you, you should review the audit with them.

If you have analytics currently monitoring your website activity, having access to those reports is always extremely useful in the process. If you do not have access to analytics (which everyone should), we can help you set up a Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Account, and your can begin to monitor your activity from that point on.

The webstudio does not rely on automated widgets and programs to do the work. We are not knocking those that do. We are just explaining what we do. The research and work involved in preparing your review is done by hand, by a human being. It is a tedious process. And, it takes quite a few hours. As well, we offer more than just the information we find, we prepare a concise summary of what needs to be done, what is working well for you, and suggestions for what you might want to consider doing in the future.

The cost of this service is $40 USD. We recommend contacting the webstudio ahead of time so that the work can be properly scheduled. If you have any questions regarding a website/seo review, please contact the webstudio. The webstudio only makes web audit-related updates and revisions for existing client websites. We are confident that the results of the audit will be of interest and assist whoever handles your current site – and they can make any changes or decisions on your behalf. We welcome the opportunity to discuss what would be involved in having the webstudio handle your website in the future, but if you have a long-term relation with someone else, or you are handling the website yourself, it is often prudent to continue in that manner. As always, simply contact the webstudio with any questions you may have.



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