Ongoing Growth


Whether it's adding and updating information for your website, increasing your search engine ranking, competing for local business, promoting additional services, or simply broadening your reach... accomplishing more involves doing more. Maintenance and Development Programs are designed to accomplish precisely those types of goals. These website options help in growing and expanding your business or organization. They make budgeting for that activity predictable and manageable. The webstudio's Maintance and Growth Programs are all about budgeting and value for the dollar.



maintenance & development


Basic Maintenance and Development Program

Program starts at $50/month USD.

This entry level service includes ongoing analytic review and reporting, basic (and comparative) research and making corresponding website updates for SEO and content development. We concentrate on increasing your website authority, improving site navigation and content, and focus on your rank in the search engines. Because this program is directly focused on user-experience and search engine rank, we recommend a minimum four-month commitment to the program. This allows enough time to acquire and review real-world analytics for results evaluations. Yearly subscriptions are also available and may be appropriate in certain instances.


Basic-Plus Maintenance and Development Program

Program starts at $100/month USD.

Basic-Plus is an extension of Basic Maintenance and Development with a few key differences. Among the extras are the quantity of hours the webstudio delegates in developing your website's reach and the scope of that involvement. We will further establish, monitor and report on your Google and Bing Webmaster Accounts, as well as manage your Local Business Listings with them. We may also review and propose additional web-based features which can be advantageous and beneficial to the continued growth of your website's web presence and growth including – but not limited to – social media, traditional marketing/advertising, direct mail and email .


Advanced Maintenance and Development Programs

Program pricing varies.

Individually priced according to your business or organization requirements and goals, Advanced Maintenance and Development Programs include a large variety of services – both on the web and on the ground. With Advanced Programs you are essentially hiring an in-house, albeit part-time, marketing agent. In going beyond “exclusive website concerns,” the webstudio gets involved on a variety of levels, leaving you free to concentrate on your business or organizational management. The opportunities, activity, and costs involved in  this program are always discussed and agreed upon ahead of time.

Animal Welfare Society

New Milford CT

Animal Shelter, Not-For-Profit



As mentioned above, sometimes a business or organization “needs more than just a website.” New Milford's Animal Welfare Society, a local non-profit animal shelter, is on the webstudio's Maintenance and Development Schedule for that very reason. We have been involved with the shelter for nearly a decade now. They initially had a self-managed Homestead(.com) website which was faltering. As with many NPOs, which generally have a limited staff and must depend on volunteer help and assistance, the immediate needs of the organization (the day-to-day responsibilities) tend to leave certain projects (such as a website) in the background or unmanaged. Once involved, we closed the Homestead-site and assumed management of the new website. In early 2018, we restructured to a mobile-friendly version of the website.

The webstudio's involvement with AWS extends to a variety of responsibilities. The website, itself,  requires weekly updates of animals available for adoption and adopted, upcoming events, and organization activities. We work with the Board of Directors, staff and volunteers on fundraising projects – coordinating media and promotions, preparing materials for their use (both digital and hard copy), and assist with fundraising and event planning. The webstudio attends meetings, offers computer/internet-related assistance and education, interacts with numerous organizations on their behalf and – from time to time – we offer a word of encouragement when things seem overwhelming. visitor rates have grown at a consistent +25-30% per year since the initial rebuild. The site ranks #1 on Google locally, appears in the Google 3-Pack during queries, and consistently ranks highest on Alexa for websites in the same category regionally. This past year, online-website donations to the organization doubled from the previous year. The website attracts over 3,000 visitors per month with rates averaging ± 5 minutes-per-visit.

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