Ongoing Growth


Your initial website is a foundation on which you can build, either now or in the future. It is a good place to be. But, maybe, you are looking for more.


Whether it's adding and updating information for your website visitors, increasing your search engine ranking, competing against similar businesses in your area, handling seasonal changes and updates on your site or promoting additional services or products that your base may not even be aware of, or simply broadening your social media exposure... accomplishing more involves doing more. Simple fact of life.



maintenance & development


Basic Maintenance and Development Programs

Programs start at $50/month USD. This service includes analytic review and reporting, basic research and website updates. In simple terms, it affords a good way to help increase your website visitor experience, your online reputation and your rank in the search engines at a reasonable price. It includes about 3-4 hours of studio/research time each month, and is ideally suited for websites of eight pages or less. We can not stress the advantages of a regular Maintenance and Development Program. Not least on the list is the practical fact of it's affordability. We normally charge $35/hour for this type of work for non-clients. Even at that price, it is a bargain, but it makes a lot more sense to save over 60% by signing up for Maintenance and Development – the rewards really do outweigh the cost.


Basic-Plus Maintenance and Development Programs

If you have a larger website, or a smaller website that you would like to grow in a cost-effective manner, we suggest taking it to the next level. At $100/month, we develop your website on a variety of levels. The work program involves the same features as the basic level, plus we include site-building (adding more pages, along with additional features) into the monthly maintenance. Ideal for websites of twelve-page or less.

For larger websites, the site-building activities may not be as aggressive at it would be for a smaller site because of the work involved in refining/redefining your existing SEO. Keep in mind, if you have a smaller website, chances are that in the course of a year... you will have a larger one as a result of this program, we continually build (and maintain) the site to promote it's success.


Advanced Maintenance and Development Programs

Individually priced according to your particular requirements and requirements, Advanced Maintenance and Development Programs are expanded to include a much larger variety of related (and semi-related) services – on the web and in-real-life.

In some instances, the webstudio gets involved directly with a company's marketing and promotions team, or we actually become your marketing and promotions team – preparing just about everything from brochures and print advertising to promoting event and media activities.

Advanced Maintenance and Development Programs do not necessarily cost more than Basic and Basic Plus, but as a rule they do. We often travel to your location, get involved with media and business decisions, develop marketing and selling strategies (that may not necessarily be related to your website), and handle basic photography and video projects. Advanced Maintenance and Development Programs include a more-readily-available consult option than Basic. We attend (or prepare) marketing meetings, visit your clientele (if warranted), and handle the creation and preparation of sales-support materials. Advanced Maintenance and Development Programs truly take the guesswork out of budgeting for companies and businesses that are concerned with their bottom line, but nevertheless interested in exploring what is possible.



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