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I don't really believe in blogs. I'm not saying they don't have worth. I'm not even suggesting that anyone avoid keep one. I'm just saying, "I prefer sharing information in a different manner." With notes &... I hope to keep an online journal of those things that I often tend to forget to mention, information that I feel has some importance, talk about some resources that might be useful, and... create a convenient place to store some of my tricks-of-the-trade. Should be interesting to see what comes of it.


Converting Your Website to Mobile-Friendly

If you have to pinch, expand, turn and drag your website on a smartphone... this offer may be of interest.


Website Ranking? Alexa

Alexa Traffic Statistics. One clue of many. Website owners often wonder and ask about their website ranking in the search engines. It seems a simple enough question. But, it can become a very tangled mess to explain. There is more to it than even the most seasoned "experts" propose to understand...



informative videos


If you have any questions regarding any of the topics covered in these videos, feel free to contact the webstudio directly. We may list some videos that are few years old, but the basic concepts, information and implementations described are all still current and important in helping to explain what is involved in being a website owner.

Source: Google Webmasters

Published on Feb 14, 2017

How to Hire An SEO

Google's Maile Ohye shares her advice for hiring an SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) to improve the searcher experience on your website. 12 minutes


Source: Google

Published on March 4, 2010

The Fundamentals of Search

Google's Matt Cutts explain how Google's ranking and website evaluation process works.
3 minutes

For more information on the subject, we suggest reading Google's: How Search Works



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