expectation versus reality


The reality is that the majority of people do not have the time nor the inclination to accomplish a successful DIY website. And, often, the friend, family member, employee or co-worker that they were counting on to do it – is simply not knowledgeable enough about the fundamentals of how websites (and the search engines) work. There is a tremendous learning curve required in attempting to do this type of work on your own. And, more times than not, there are consequences to having someone not familiar with this sort of work handle the task. The majority of webstudio clients have given it a try on their own before they contact us. We appreciate their efforts. We understand their frustration.

The one thing that can not be stressed enough is that when you are establishing initial goals for a website, simply “creating a website for the sake of a website” should not be on the list. Unfortunately, it often is (which is why it is even mentioned). Always think much bigger than that. If you are not sure of what the bigger picture is, simply ask and we can add some incentive and information to your quest. Having good goals makes the task a lot more sane and sensible.


about the webstudio


In the beginning of building any website, you will (should) have a lot of questions – and a lot of expectations. Many of the questions (and most of the expectations) that people consider have little to do with "building a website." This may need to be explained, without the hype, without the traps, and outside the realm of web lore and the general (sometimes popular) misnomers about web designers and what they do. The simple fact of the matter is that if you have a web designer that is doing nothing for you, you will feel “caught between a rock and a hard place.” If you have a web designer that is working with you and has your interests at heart, you feel blessed.

The webstudio has no inherent interest in upselling or cross-selling additional services to you. If you want more assistance with your website in the future, or if you are curious about what is possible (and realistic), contact the webstudio when the need or interest arises.

The goal of the webstudio is to build the website that is right for you – for your business and for your budget. If we build a website that creates an advantage for you, we have accomplished a goal. If something is not working right, we appreciate the opportunity to fix it.


plain & simple


Depending on your location, your business, your goods or services, and your competition – attaining rank in the search engines (and, more important - a good visitor rate and/or conversions/sales) can be a walk-in-the-park or a mountain to climb. There are some basic things that are attainable... easily. Other things take more time, more work. But, everything needs to start someplace. Nothing happens overnight.


We take a look at your social media, online business listings and reviews, traditional advertising campaigns and other aspects of your business or organization to take full advantage of "what we have to work with" to assist in accomplishing your goals. Reviewing your competition, helping to define realistic goals and working with you to move forward with your website in a positive and exciting manner are all key ingredients. We encourage you to explore, question and participate in the process. And, if you have no interest in doing those things on your own(but realize those things do need to be done), we can simply take care of those things for you.




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