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taxi meter fare – showing cost/mileage





I often question the pricing of websites – both those I build and those built by others. Seeing as I can not realistically comment on (nor fully dissect) how other studios manage their pricing, I am purposely limiting my conversation in this article.


At New Milford Web Design, a typical 3-page (or scrolling single 1-page) website runs in the neighborhood of $150-250. This type of website is useful as a project/event landing page, or a first run/initial web-presence site – the type of website that many people refer to as, “I just need to get/be on the web,” sort of website. The basic (simple) cost is contingent on how much of the website “content materials” are being provided, and whether additional work (copy writing, photography, graphic design, etc.) will be required by the web studio in the endeavor to create acceptable, responsible, useful web content.


If you are thinking of starting “slightly larger” – a 5-to-8 page site will normally run in the neighborhood of $350-500. Again, the real cost determining factor is, “How much of the content will you be providing to get the website off the ground?”


In either of these types of websites, the key to keeping costs down is to organize your site content materials (words, information, images, photographs, stories) as best you can on your own. If you are lacking “content,” or need assistance in gathering/organizing/creating materials to be used on your website – simply ask for assistance. It makes more sense to spent a half-hour ahead of time than dealing with the frustration that can occur if the initial “homework” hasn't been done because you were unsure of what you needed to do. In some cases, it makes sense to have the web studio handle the entirety of the content-building task. In other cases, using what you provide may be all that is necessary. A lot depends on goals and objectives. But, those topics are subjects for another article.


The normal scenario looks something like this,


Client Provides:


Written content for the website




Logo and basic branding direction


Studio Provides


Layout design and html scripting


Interface design


Development/tech support (optional)


SEO strategy (optional)


Above is a very simplistic outline of how things work. In many instances, the web studio ends up taking on the provisions listed in the Client column. Those added responsibilities are what lends to the higher fees in either of the site categories listed prior. The additional fees are actually quite reasonable for what you will get – so, be sure to ask about them.


I realize that once you look at “the basic scenario” in such a simplistic manner, you will wonder, “Why would I even consider hiring a web designer, I'm doing all the work!” The answer to that is tremendously complicated. All I can say (in this short space) is that nearly 90% of my existing clients were people and businesses that started building their own websites using a Do-It-Yourself Site Builder such as Wix, SquareSpace, Weebly, GoDaddy, Wordpress, etc. I ended up rebuilding and managing their sites. If it was truly that simple for people to build and manage their websites, I wouldn't be managing their sites today. Enough said. (But, read this article if you have the time, “Website Cost for DIY-Folks.)


I welcome any questions you may have regarding website pricing, what is involved in building (or rebuilding) your  website, establishing and prioritizing goals and objectives for your website, and just about anything else that may come to mind. Yes, I do create larger websites. Yes, I do offer ongoing and in-house development services. Yes, I welcome the opportunity to do niche or special website and design work. But, before we run too deep here. Let's stick to the basics.





This short video covers two distinct topics; DIY versus Hiring a Designer, and Costs of Custom Websites. Needless to say, New Milford Web Design's prices are substantially lower than the “industry standards” as mentioned in the video. “Maybe that's one of the reasons the web studio is popular? ”

FYI: New Milford Web Design is a member of the GoDaddy Pro Team. While we can register and host your domain with any company, GoDaddy does offer convenient, affordable and practical solutions for most website requirements. I (obviously) do recommend them (GoDaddy) often.


For new clients: Once you have be instructed to do so, simply click on the GoDaddy Badge below to initiate your GoDaddy Pro agreement with New Milford Web Design. This feature is totally optional. If you have any questions about it, simply ask.


taxi meter fare – showing cost/mileage


taxi meter fare – showing cost/mileage


taxi meter fare – showing cost/mileage


taxi meter fare – showing cost/mileage


taxi meter fare – showing cost/mileage