and some thoughts about them.


With most popular DIY website companies (Squarespace, WIX, Weebly) you pay a set amount each month for the use of their website design system. While it is a good deal, there is one real drawback: You still have to do all the work of creating your website yourself!


The concept of Do-It-Yourself sounds great. You feel like you are saving money. You can make updates and changes whenever you want to. You are in control! But – all of the “good stuff” is only possible if you have the time, interest and ability to learn a lot of new things required to manage your own site. On top of that, somewhere along the line you will need to think about search engine ranking, social media, content building and... that list goes on and on. All things considered, it all can become overwhelming to someone new at it. It can also be counterproductive (and expensive) if you are not sure what you are doing.


Yes, there are some businesses that take to DIY like a bird to the air. But, the majority of people do not seem to do very well with it. They tend to get lost in the process, frustrated when things don't work quite right, and eventually throw their arms up in anguish and abandon their website like an old penny, or they end up with a website that really doesn't meet any of their goals. Why would I say those things? The answer is simple. The majority of people that call the web studio have told me that is why they are calling.




About One Year Commitment


For most people the idea of making a long-term commitment to their website development seems to be “not what I was looking for.”  However, I would like to throw a stream-of-thought into the discussion. Take it for what it is worth.


  • Having a website is one thing.
  • Having people find and visit your website is another thing.
  • Having people call, purchase or inquire for products, services or information from your website is still another thing.


There is more involved in having a successful website than most people realize. The ability to “build a web page” is only a very small part of it. And, search engine ranking is not the end of it. Providing site-visitors with quality content that is accurate, relevant, and well-organized is really the name of the game – THAT is what makes your website successful, profitable and worthwhile.


New Milford Web Design offers a simple alternative to “going it alone” when planning your long-term website strategy. While it is not “cheap” – it is definitely affordable. While the results are not instantaneous (like PPC or black hat) the results are long-term and sustainable. One Year Commitment (OYC) was a concept I had been playing with for years. On a surface level it appears not unlike any “Maintenance or SEO Agreement” offered by any other web studio. But there are a few distinct differences. Quite honestly, the main difference has to do with a very non-technical aspect of the sites I work on. That difference is that I take a personal (and oftentimes obsessive) interest in the success of your website with your site-visitors, the search engines and your bottom line.


OYC is a totally individualized growth program. It needs to be. The strategies used on one website will not necessarily work on another. The target audience for your goods, services or information are going to be different from those of another website/business – even if both are (technically) in the same business category!


With OYC we start small and grow accordingly. The process normally begins with a simple 3-5 page Starter Website and evolves from there. How large your website is by the end of the year is irrelevant (though it may be much larger than you might expect). How successful your website is by the end of the year? That is important.


A big part of the process is data-driven. With a “once-and-done website,” you normally put your information out there and simply hope for the best. With OYC we continually review your analytics and allow your site activity to assist in the process of defining what it important to your visitors and what is important for your business or organization. Along the way, we continually work on content building, visitor interest, demographics and site features. Without getting bogged down with the details, it is a very safe assumption that by the end of the year you will have a website that is not only worth two to three times what you actually paid for it, you will have a website that is relevant to your site visitors and the goals of your business. No one can guarantee search engine ranking results. But, I can say you will be in a far better place than if you attempted the quest on your own.


The beauty of OYC is that it is encompassing. Web pages are built in-house. Relevant content for your website, and rendering that content properly for search engine indexing is a handled by the web studio as well. Researching your competitors and establishing goals and strategies for your website development in light of that research? Yep, the web studio handles those as well. It is all included in the monthly fee.


The actual base fees for OYC vary. Some clients desire to be more aggressive in their growth. Adding value to some websites is inherently more complex to accomplish in others. Some websites demand a higher rate of engagement and research because of the competitive nature of the business in the search engines. All of these considerations are used in establishing what your cost will be.


The minimum starting fee for OYC is $65 per month. This starting fee may vary because of the nature of your business, the competitive nature of your business category, or your desire for specific rank positions with the search engines. We will discuss, in full detail, what your fee will be ahead of time. The monthly fee will remain in effect throughout that particular 12 month period. All OYC website agreements are subject to review after each full one year term.





At this point, the ball is in your court. There are three distinct possibilities. The first is you “go it alone” and work with a DIY Website Builder, or go with another web designer. Secondly, you can contact the web studio and have a Basic Starter Website built. And, lastly, you can give OYC a chance.


If you need some assistance in making the decision, feel free to contact the web studio. I can offer some insights that may help you make the right decision –  even if you are going with another web designer or web studio! I am always interested in seeing how well people do with their web-aspirations, whether I am directly involved or not.