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I have realized that "what I do" has become more complicated than it was a decade or two ago. Some things are a little more complex. The demands and expectations a little more specific. Some of the waters have become a little muddled. Yet, other aspects of the web have become increasingly easy.

My aspiration is that you may be able to glean some insights from my general insanity and obsession with the web. The thought is that I may be able to answer a few of your questions before you email or call.  I am running with. That is how I do things. It seems to work for me. If you would like to request an article to be included, let me know.

My intent is to simply be as open, transparent and honest as I can about what I have to offer. I will avoid all the catch phrases and the jargon that can become too prevalent when discussing websites. The idea is to put the stories, facts and trivia into an accessible and understandable library. That way you will not have to read my multi-page email responses to simple questions, nor listen to my endless ramblings on the phone.

I am a firm believer in offering more information than you need. I believe there are no silly questions. Any suggestions I offer have been simply gleaned from experience. The mechanics behind what I do are inherently simple. Anything is possible on the web. But, not everything is practical. On a good day, I can offer a ray of reality to what being on the web is about. A very good day is when we look back on a project that was a little sketchy to start with – but turned out well.

You may agree or disagree with some of the concepts and information I present. But, you will know my viewpoint before ever contacting me. If you have questions, or would like more information – simply send an email or call.


James Slupatchuk

Web Designer

Web Strategist