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If you have any questions, give a call or send an email. The webstudio is freelance and part-time. There is no guarantee that there will be someone here to answer the phone. Leave a message and I will return the call in the evening or the next available day or whenever is good for you.

You will get the house phone message when calling at 860.354.0761. The message is something I should change. But, it has been the same for nearly twenty years. If you want to talk directly, it is best to call evenings after 6 pm EST. I am usually around.

It can be a good idea to initiate a call by email beforehand, but it is not necessary. If you leave a message, be sure to mention something about “web design” and the best time to return your call.



James Slupatchuk

Web Designer

Web Strategist




If you would like to schedule an evening Phone Consultation ahead of time, feel free to check availability and set a date by clicking here. This is a beta-run of the Setmore Scheduling Software that many clients have been asking about. I figure it best to try it myself first before integrating it with their websites.