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Photographs, illustrations and graphics help gain a viewer's attention. They explain something in a visual way. The right images will offer a positive assurance. The right images will make us think, smile, laugh or question. The right images help tell a story. The right images will enhance a presentation. The right images can make a point more clearly than many words.


Some Golden Rules


Rule 1: The images and graphics on your website should be original.

They should pertain specifically to your content, business or discussion.


Rule 2: The images and graphics on your website should be original.

Do not "grab" images off the internet to use as your own. Aside copyright infringement, you can be running the chance of appearing totally unprofessional by using images that do not belong to you. It can be embarrassing. If you must "borrow an image" – do a Google "image search" to see how often the image has already been used on the web and see if it is copyright free. That can, at least, help in avoiding certain elements of pain that may otherwise arise. (I once used a client supplied image that was inadvertently taken from their competitor's website. Ugh!)


Rule 3: The images and graphics on your website should be original.

Most people do not have an active archive of images to choose from before starting their website. Many people do not develop an image archive after they have a website. It may become necessary to use stock images on your website. It happens.


When I began this latest version of my own website, I simply opted for using stock art. I primarily used images from My intent is to go back after I get the base of my new website done and start replacing the images with my own.


Stock photo and art websites that I recommend are listed below. Most offer an astonishing volume of art free-of-charge. Some have a few restrictions. Most have paid versions. Most will render similar images from similar artists – it's just how it all works. All offer an opportunity to get your bird into flight without emptying the bank account. With the possible exception of a logo or layout format, the idea of updating, replacing or experimenting with visual images on your website should be a part of ongoing maintenance and growth. It is a good idea to get into the habit of "refreshing" images on a regular basis.

If you need help learning how the search in each of these platforms works, finding appropriate images, learning how to save images, etc. – simply give me a call. I maintain a subscription account with Adobe Stock for clients. Feel free to take advantage of that option.


In case it was not obvious, there is only One Golden Rule when it comes to website artwork and images. If you need assistance with creating your own artwork or ways to organize it, let me know.