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My basic fee is $100 per month for four months. The $400 will get you an excellent 4-5 page website. It is a term for engagement. It makes it possible for us to move forward without dwelling on costs and prices. The price is inclusive. There are no hourly or content cost discussions – they are included. On rare occasions, this may vary slightly for a variety of reasons (eg. extensive travel, independent research). But, it is a starting point that you can pretty much count on.

I do not spend a lot of time proposing a variety of alternatives, layouts or concepts. We will compile and discuss whatever content you may have available. I normally create a working first draft of your website in a few days. It gives us something to look at. It is easier to visualize where we are heading by doing it this way.

Content building, SEO strategy, optimizing for and engaging with the search engines, checking load times, establishing benchmarks, and installing analytics are the real "work" behind any website. I consider these basics. Many people may not be aware of them, decide to ignore them, or follow a distorted understanding of how they work. However, these are the things I am always concerned about. Every web page that I build has elements of these added to them. It only makes sense to do so.

If you have ever attempted to build a website on your own, or worked with another designer – my basic fee will be the best $400 you ever spent. You will have a working, sustainable and solid website.

Is the $100/month fee forever?

Sometimes no.

Sometimes yes.

Sometimes it is more.

Sometimes it is less.


But, all that is something we talk about after the 4th month. Until then, we are skating carefree and simply getting to know each other better – and getting you and your business on the web.




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Discussion: Sometimes people will question how a website (or web page) should perform. I have no problem with that. I encourage that way of thinking. The years and experience have taught me a few things. If you would like a live example of how I manage particular aspects of any web page, give a call or send an email. I will send you a "live search example" that you can try for yourself. It is interesting and really does help to explain how (and why) I do certain things.

Example: A most recent project yielded Page One Google within a matter of two weeks. The search itself had over 25,000,000 Google results to choose from. I say that because making it into the Top 5 becomes inspiring against those type of numbers. The page I worked on is currently on Page One – and shifting between the first and fifth location there – which is fairly usual. Results on the European Server average over 30,000,000 results – and we have been consistently in the Top Five slot there as well. This was accomplished using Organic SEO. There are no ongoing fees associated to Organic SEO. To my way of thinking it is the best (only?) way to achieve rank in the search engines. Otherwise, you are destined for PPC.  In the latter case, you will be paying Google every time someone clicks on the link. Not so with Organic SEO.