Do you need (or want) a

$400 website?



The idea is simple.

You don't want to worry about what your website will cost.

I don't want to worry about being paid.

Can it be considered "too good a deal to be true?"

I am not sure.

I'm happy enough with it.

I really do not have the time to think anymore about it.

So? I'm running with it.



  • Initial consultation
  • Basic 5-6 page website
  • HTML Layout, graphics
  • Desktop, tablet and mobile-friendly rendering
  • Basic content writing/assistance (up to 2 hours)
  • Initial hosting
  • Install Google Analytics
  • Capture Google Business Page
  • Capture Bing Business Place
  • Organic SEO (meta-tags, keyword/phrase analysis, image optimization, etc.)
  • Stock art/images


Your first visual rendering occurs in a week or so.

Work continues throughout the 4-month period.




Option 1

If you like the website – and feel that nothing else needs to be done in the immediate future – we set you up with a hosting company and I transfer the files there.

Whenever you need an update or revision – you would simply contact me. I will charge an hourly fee (± $30) for any work that needs to be done. I let you know the price once I know the scope of the work. I have been told I am extremely reasonable.


Option 2

Depending on how involved and concerned you want to get with search engine ranking, updates, revisions, assistance in marketing, social media, etc – it is sometimes prudent to ask for continued maintenance/development agreement. It involves paying a monthly fee. Some months it pays for itself ten-fold. Some months it seems like a waste of money. In either case, there are no surprises. You know what it will cost. The cost doesn't change regardless of the work involved. Hint: There is always work to be done.

You will have someone (me) monitoring and tweaking your website on a regular basis. If you need analytic/traffic reports, you just ask. Need to update a page or two (or add a page) – just send the info. This especially makes sense for non-profits and small businesses that require regular updates or are thinking about exploring what is possible on the web for their organization.

Current client invoices for maintenance/development agreements average around $100/month. It can range from $50-300 per month depending on your particular website and the monthly scope of work required.


"But, why?"


1)  The most casual answer I can give: I like to sleep with a clear conscience.

2) For years I would chase clients trying to get them to get more excited about their websites – because I knew that there was much more potential on their pages (and for their business or cause) than they understood. Often, I would simply do the work and not charge for it. I woke up one day and realized that was fairly stupid. I have stopped doing that. Working for free is non-sustainable and takes away from the time that should be going to paying clients.

3) Most people shy away from creating their website because they either do not know how to start, they have suspicions about the costs involved, or they believe they can do it themselves. I believe the $400 website eliminates those excuses. Owning a website is an adventure. Sometimes it can be a complicated adventure. You need to invest in it. If you do not, that adventure simply sits on the To-Do-List. A goal without a plan is just a dream. I provide the plan and the means of accomplishing your goals

4) In some cases, I will build a "once and done." In other cases, I add a new client to my list of ongoing work. In either case, I have the ability to better schedule my time and energy while at the keyboard. That benefits my clients. That allows me to "plan accordingly."

5) No matter what anyone else may tell you, or how you may conceive how it works – it takes (at least) 4 months before you have a semi-solid website. You can go with someone else that has a different opinion on that matter. Just keep in mind, there is a difference between building a website , and building a website that has a chance to succeed. It will not hurt my feelings if you go elsewhere. I will be here when you change your mind. I will try to refrain from saying, "I told you so."