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You need a new (or a better) website. You have talked about it. You have thought about it. You searched on Google, Bing or AOL. You landed on pages which are probably very similar to the one you are reading right now.


In the past, you may have tried to build a website yourself. Or, you had a friend, relative, neighbor or work associate that “is pretty good with that sort of thing” and you gave the project to them. Maybe you were not getting the results from your existing website that you had initially anticipated. You may have even been “less-than-enthusiastic” to the idea of having a website in the first place, or skeptical that your existing website could be improved. After all is said and done, chances are that you are on this page because you are looking for something better.


For starters, I want to assure you, “I get it.” You are not on this page because you have all the answers figured out. You're looking for what is available and affordable. You want the biggest bang for the buck. You don't want to get locked into some crazy deal that becomes a money trap. And, you want to feel good about your decision of choosing someone to work with to accomplish your goals. You want to make a good decision. You want a real good website.


My hope is to assist you in making the right decisions, to offer some encouragement, to explain some things to look for, to mention some things to avoid, and – even if you end up choosing someone else to do your website – I'd like for you to have considered your time spent on this website as worthwhile and informative.


Whatever the reason, and however your got here... it's time to move forward and look at your options.



“Everything Needs to Start Someplace”

So, Before You Read Any Farther...

Don't Get Too Far Ahead of Me or Yourself.


You may think or say, “I'm looking for someone that can design a website for me.” However, what you might really be looking for is someone to help build an “online presence” that works for your organization or business. There is a difference between the two.


Designing and building a typical, informational website is technically easy. Once scheduled and the content has been compiled, it usually takes about a week to complete. A typical 4-8 page website will cost about $350-500.  A smaller 3-page site around $250. Sounds simple and affordable enough. It is that simple if that's all you need. If that's what you are looking for... just let me know. If that's what you are looking for, you probably don't need to read any farther down the page. Simply call or email the web studio and we can discuss what is available. No obligations. It's a simple deal: You tell me what you are looking for, I tell you if I can do it. Click for more information on what's involved in a Standard Basic Website.


However, if you are thinking about building an online presence or want a website that will serve as more than an web brochure... that is something different.


The web is really just like any other place where reputation, accessibility, reliability, worth and value matter. A “once-and-done website” can fulfill a variety of purposes. But, in most cases, it probably will not accomplish some of the grander goals you may have in mind; high ranking in the search engines, growing visitor rates, an ongoing increase in conversions (sales, calls, inquiries). Websites that have an ongoing maintenance and development strategy simply rank better and achieve more goals than standard basic websites because they are more inclusive and address a wider variety of goals and objectives. These type of websites address goals and objectives on an ongoing basis, continually refining and redefining how goals and objectives can be achieved and improved. To accomplish certain goals requires that the the work on a website needs to be ongoing. This type of website involves a longer-term commitment.



Bottom Line

Choosing a Web Designer/Accepting a Client


I've been doing web design and development for nearly two decades. Most of my clients are small businesses and organizations. Most people that inquire about having a website built are at least a little unsure about what they initially expect from their website. A good portion of those clients initially had no idea on how to achieve their goals. People have different perceptions and understandings about what the web is all about and how it works. To reiterate, I've been doing this sort of work for two decades, I have some thoughts about it.


I am not a salesman. And, I definitely do not want to sell you something that you don't really want or need. I am frugal and practical. I don't want to waste your money nor my time. If something is contrary to what I know or believe is right, I will tell you about it. If I make a mistake, I will explain what I did and how we can fix it. And, if you have something to share that I should know about, I am all ears. This is how we learn.


One thing that is important to me is that whether I'm simply redesigning the content and layout of a website that already exists, or I am assuming the responsibility of building the content of your new website entirely from scratch, it really does involve “things that I like doing.” For some people that matters. For others, it's just another bill they have to pay and they are indifferent to it. Again, I get it. Every website is different. Each client is different. I just want you to know, I take the success of your website personally and seriously.


My bottom line is I do like knowing (at least a little) about where we are going before we get in the car. I believe just about everyone does. I welcome emails, phone calls, inquiries and the opportunity to meet in person. The only silly questions are the ones that you wished you had asked, but did not. If you have questions – ask!



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